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Disclaimer: the following information is general in nature and was current only at the initial publication date. You should not rely upon or act upon any such information without checking with your tax advisor to confirm the currency, accuracy and possible application of any information to your personal circumstances.


June 2017 Tax Time Newsletter

All Accounting and Taxation Services produce newsletters that are emailed to our clients to highlight some of the important changes affecting taxpayers. By reading our June newsletter and combining it with our checklists (which summarise all the necessary information we may need to do your tax return) you can help us to ensure you get the best possible tax refund for your particular situation. If you are an existing client and have not received an email containing our newsletter link please check your junk mail and make sure you have made All Accounting & Tax a trusted source. You can update your email address by calling our office.

2017 June Tax Time


End of Year Tax Tips

As the end of a financial year approaches it can be a good time to review your records and decide whether to implement any tax saving strategies before year end.

We have produced some end of year tax tips for your consideration below.

End of Year Tax Tips


April 2017 School Holidays – What to do 

As we all break for a well deserved Easter long weekend we have found some fun things for kids and families to do these holidays. Please see the link below for a ‘What’s On’ on the Central Coast, as well as a Cinema Movie Roundup section filled with links and information for films showing over the school holidays.

2017 April Holidays – Word Version for Links       2017 April Holidays – PDF Version   


2016 Christmas Letter & Office Closures for the Holiday Period

2016 has gone way too fast! Everyone at All Accounting & Taxation Services wishes you a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday break.

We will be have a break for a few weeks as well. Our attached 2016 Christmas letter has the full details below.

2016 Christmas Letter


Top 6 Individual Tax Tips

Here are some of our tips for individuals to get larger tax refunds and put more money back into your pocket.

Top 6 Individual Tax Tips



IMPORTANT – Trust Distribution Minutes to be completed before 30 June

This a reminder of the recent changes made by the Australian Taxation Office in relation to discretionary trusts. Over the past 2 years the ATO has really been focusing on the compliance of trusts. Recently they have announced that:

  • All Trustee distribution resolutions must be made before 30 June for each income year.

This means that for each Financial Year you will need to do a resolution that specifies how the ‘Trust Income’ will be distributed for the year ending 30 June.  This does not mean that
exact amounts will need to be specified for each beneficiary, but it should specify either an amount in dollar terms or an amount as a percentage of trust income for all beneficiaries.

Ramifications if you do not have an appropriate resolution

If you do not have an appropriate trustee distribution resolution it may mean that the trustee will be assessed at the highest marginal tax rate on all of the taxable income of the trust.

ATO requests

The ATO has also stated that they will be conducting a review for compliance of such resolutions. They will be writing to a number of trustees in as early as July each financial year requesting a copy of their last financial years distribution resolution.

If you need any further assistance or have any queries in this regard or if you are contacted by the ATO as mentioned above please do not hesitate to contact our office.



All Accounting and Taxation has produced a number of client checklists which outlines all of the information you should provide to our office to ensure you get the best possible refund for your personal circumstances.