& Taxation Services


All Accounting & Taxation Services has been organising finance for our clients for many years through a successful relationship with our preferred mortgage brokers.

As your accountant we are in a good position to know the taxation and personal information that any financier will require and are in the best position to be able to communicate this information to your broker.

We choose to partner with trusted sources that have extensive experience of providing the best deal for your specific circumstances. Solid communication between our office and the broker ensures that the best type of finance is chosen for your given situation. Often other brokers or banks provide finance advice to clients’ that seems appropriate initially but are later found to be ineffective when it comes to minimising your tax.  This could cost a client a lot of money, time and effort over the long term.

Ultimately we wish to ensure our clients have a quality product and receive excellent advice that is appropriate for them.

Some of the finance services that can be arranged include: 

  • Mortgages;
  • Equipment / Car Finance
  • Chattels Mortgages;
  • Leases;
  • Hire Purchase Agreements (HPs);
  • Debt consolidation;
  • A free review of an existing mortgage facility;

We believe using the preferred brokers of All Accounting & Taxation Services, utilises their experience, expertise and knowledge in an efficient, timely manner, whilst overlapping with the skills of your accountant. These services are nearly always at no additional cost to you*.

 Should you wish to use any of these services please contact Con or Marc at All Accounting & Taxation Services to discuss your needs and to arrange an appointment or quote.


*Mortgage Brokers are usually paid directly by the underlying lenders. All Accounting & Taxation Services may receive a small portion of brokers’ commission on approved finance.