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Superannuation is more than just the 9.50% compulsory contribution an employer makes for their staff. It is your wealth, your money and eventually it is a part of your retirement. Superannuation is a complex area. You need to manage the tax issues, investment issues, as well as other considerations such as estate planning and regulatory obligations.

We can help you to manage your own SMSF by providing timely, accurate tax advice so your fund can comply with the relevant tax and super legislation required to be a complying superannuation fund.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs)

As a trustee of a SMSF you are responsible for the management and control of your superannuation benefits (Trustee obligations).

You have a requirement to produce financial accounts, get an independent audit, lodge a tax return, and produce members’ statements as well as be aware of many other issues.

All Accounting and Taxation Services has specialised knowledge and expertise in this area. This combined with specialised superannuation software and the arrangement of fully independent audits ensures that you are taking large steps in the right direction. Complexity means superannuation shouldn’t be a DIY project, if you want to make the most of the tax laws and prepare for a better retirement.

Superannuation Financial Planning

Planning and good management is needed to make the most out of this form of wealth accumulation and retirement funding. We can involve one of our service partner financial planners to maximise your super, make the rules work the best for you and increase your retirement wealth.